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Felipe Crespo black and white holding a flag

In August 2019, I signed a lease to an unlisted apartment that was under renovation here in Pittsburgh. I didn't know this at the time, but it was across the street from Primo Cuts, the only Puerto Rican barber shop in western PA.  One day, I went to get a haircut there and the topic of food came up, and they told me there weren’t any places to get authentic Boricua food.  This is where my cooking journey commenced. 


I began catering for a wide variety of events, and with the success I had, I built what began as a side hustle into a brand. I then started this food truck company with the support I had along the way.  My two biggest supporters are my grandparents, they taught me everything I know about cooking.  It was always their dream to have their own food spot, so I give back to them by serving their recipes on the food truck.  This food truck also is important to me because I can bring Latin community to an area lacking in cultural diversity. Secretos is more than a food truck to me and I’m excited to have others also experience it!


I also started a non-profit with my mother that will go hand-in-hand with the food truck. My sister, other family members, and friends will help my mother and I run it. This means the world to me because, despite the tragedies on the motherland, covid-19, and the overall hellish 2020 ,  we found a way to make things work.  It warms my heart to unite my family by providing jobs and shelter for us while we climb back, and to return the support that I have received back to the community.  My dream is to become a cardiovascular surgeon. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate to to capitalize on some things that I have been doing since I was young, like cooking.  I am eternally grateful to my grandparents who taught me the ways of Boriken cooking. My mother, who always believed in me and pushed me beyond my limits. My sister, who is a reflection of myself.  Truly thankful for my business partner, friends, allies, new and familiar faces in the city of Pittsburgh! 

Felipe Crespo

I am an investor and a financial advisor in Pittsburgh, PA.  I have been focused on building and investing in businesses within the city for nearly a decade.  After meeting Felipe, I knew he was passionate, dedicated, and an incredible operator.  I decided to make an investment in Secretos, LLC to assist in getting the business off the ground.  Our team works together incredibly well with Felipe mastering the art of Puerto Rican cooking, running a great business, and putting love into each plate for our customers.  

I handle most of the financial management, marketing, and business development for the company.  Our goal is to create raving fans in the Pittsburgh market as the first Puerto Rican food truck.  We have ambitions to expand to many more locations, and eventually Franchise our model down the road.  The only thing that matters to our team is creating a great product for customers, great culture, and amazing tasting food for the city of Pittsburgh.

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